Microsoft in Education Day – Enhancing Assessment for 21st-Century Classrooms

Learn to use technology to promote student engagement and achievement in the classroom. Explore the potential of three powerful assessment tools – Clipchamp, Flipgrid, and Microsoft Forms – and gain practical insights on how to leverage them to enhance assessment practices. Leave this workshop empowered to use modern digital tools to incorporate effective formative and summative assessment strategies in your instruction.

As a result of this session, teachers will:
1. Understand the importance of assessment in 21st-century classrooms and its impact on student learning and growth;
2. Explore the features and capabilities of Clipchamp, Flipgrid, and Microsoft Forms as formative and summative assessment tools; and
3. Learn how to use digital tools to design effective formative assessments that take diverse learning needs and objectives into account.

OK2Ask, TeachersFirst’s series of hands-on virtual professional learning workshops, is for teachers at ALL technology comfort levels. As these are not “sit and get” sessions, we highly recommend you attend using a computer with an updated browser (Chrome or Edge). Using a mobile device may prevent you from participating fully, jeopardizing your ability to receive CEUs.

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