Scaffolding Inquiry-Based Research

Join this session to explore strategies for scaffolding student research projects. Help students generate questions, seek out answers, and explore complex problems, then teach them to locate and evaluate information about their intended topic. Use the tools and strategies provided in this session to guide a full project or to help students practice these essential skills.

As a result of this session, teachers will:
1. Define inquiry-based research and how it benefits students;
2. Understand the process of scaffolding inquiry-based research; and
3. Learn strategies for effectively scaffolding inquiry-based research.

OK2Ask, TeachersFirst’s series of hands-on virtual professional learning workshops, is for teachers at ALL technology comfort levels. As these are not “sit and get” sessions, we highly recommend you attend using a computer with an updated browser (Chrome or Edge). Using a mobile device may prevent you from participating fully, jeopardizing your ability to receive CEUs. []

1.5 OPI Renewal Units