Mobile and Social Media Engagement

Journalists and storytellers create content in the field with smartphones every day. Learn how to engage your audience and expand your mobile and social storytelling toolkit with media strategist and digital journalist Val Hoeppner. You’ll spend the first half of this workshop learning about apps and equipment that will help you be more efficient in creating and transmitting video, audio, photos and social media. The second half of the workshop will teach best practices for engaging your audience on social media. We’ll explore livestreaming video on social media, examine how to create engaging Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and stories, and discuss other useful apps like Canva, Enlight Videoleap Video Editor, VideoShop, Chart Maker Pro and Filmr.

This is the first day of a two-day workshop series on mobile media July 17 & 18, 2019. Sign up for both workshops and get a 20% discount using coupon code *20percentoff* at checkout.

How to Enroll: Visit Mobile and Social Media Engagement on the Montana Media Lab’s website.

Writing Well: Telling Stories People Notice

Compelling, concise writing is an art. In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals applicable to all forms of good, solid writing. From social media and websites to nonprofit and business communication, instructor Jule Banville will guide you through the basics of journalistic writing via example, discussion, and practice. With 10 years of experience teaching writing at the University of Montana’s School of Journalism and 20 years working as an editor, Jule will teach you how to write clean, concise, engaging content across multiple applications. Customized instruction throughout ensures you’ll leave with relevant skills for your work.

How to Enroll: Visit Writing Well: Telling Stories People Notice on Montana Media Lab’s website.