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Ramping-up K-6 Reading and Writing for End-of-year Results

Monday, April 29, 2019, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
New location: Location: Montec Building, 1121 East Broadway, Missoula, MT in the small conference room across from the break room (look for our signs)
Register at: https://forms.gle/BM9PKrhVJUJHrC5y7
Presenter: Ann Ellsworth
Registration: $99
For educators of grades K-6
6 OPI renewal units
Coffee and snacks provided. Lunch on your own.
Course # 18551015

This presentation focuses on how teachers can minimize summer reading loss by maximizing literacy instruction during those final weeks of school. Using short texts–including fun poetry and newspapers–can motivate even the most reluctant readers and writers. Add to your repertoire of first-rate, evidence-based reading and writing instructional approaches. You’ll leave this workshop excited to implement these strategies with your students.
Bring your laptops or wireless device.
Register at: https://forms.gle/BM9PKrhVJUJHrC5y7

Tricks to Turn Even Struggling Spellers-Writers into Confident Users of Written English Workshop

The Tricks to Turn Even Struggling Spellers-Writers into Confident Users of Written English workshop is for educators in grades kindergarten to grade 6 on Friday, March 22, 2019, at the Montec Building in Missoula. Come learn some sure-fire strategies to help students become independent and accurate spellers. Easy-to-remember spelling rules for primary and upper elementary students will be shared—and these are rules that most teachers haven’t been exposed to. We will also learn fun ways to make the spelling knowledge “stick.” They will transform how you teach spelling! Moreover, teachers will easily be able to incorporate these teaching strategies into their existing lessons. We will explore how methods help hesitant students, who are unwilling to take risks, can become more self-assured. As a result of their new-found confidence, students will become more confident in themselves as writers and be more willing to take risks with “big” words (instead of sticking to safe “little” words.) Please bring your laptop or wireless device.

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/7ZC0X4szCqOOQ0mB2. The cost to attend is $99. 6 OPI renewal units will be available. Coffee and snacks will be provided. Lunch is on your own. The course number to register is 18551011.

Presenter Ann Ellsworth has taught in elementary and secondary schools in Wisconsin and Montana and has led reading and writing professional development workshops across Montana and the Midwest. She was awarded the 2016 Montana Reading Teacher of the Year and was a finalist for two national teaching awards. Presently she works with teacher candidates at Montana State University-Bozeman and as an instructor for WMPLC. She has served as editor of the MONTANA STATE READING JOURNAL and is working with a publisher on a book on how to improve student writing.

Register at: https://goo.gl/forms/7ZC0X4szCqOOQ0mB2

Up a Notch 4 Gifted (and All:) Kids! (K-6 teachers) Workshop

The Western Montana Professional Learning Collaborative is hosting gifted and talented specialist Dianne Fowler, M.ED. for a two-day workshop on teaching gifted students. The goals of the workshop are to increase teacher awareness of the diversity and needs of gifted students, Provide teachers with hands on classroom strategies/resources for taking it up a notch for gifted and all students. In this 2-day course, participants will consider the diversity of giftedness and retool with hands-on classroom strategies for taking it up a notch for gifted and all students. Half day session topics include the diversity of giftedness, strategies, and upgrading questions for depth and complexity. Register here to attend the workshop. The cost to attend is $75, and attendees will receive 6 OPI renewal units per day. For more information, please contact Daisy Carlsmith at director@wmplc.org.