STREAM: Geometric Thinking (4-7)

This 3-week module examines learning progressions in geometry with a focus on foundational ideas that promote geometric understanding. Participants will:
recognize geometric shapes and their components (e.g., sides, angles, faces);
learn properties of geometric figures and categorization based on those properties; develop strategies for composing and decomposing geometric shapes; engage in spatial relations and spatial structuring.

15 Renewal Units

Enrollment opens – March 17, 2018

STREAM: Developing Fraction Sense (3-5)

This course examines learning progressions related to fractions, with a focus on foundational ideas that promote fraction sense and understanding. Participants will: examine ways to develop “fraction sense.”; discover how learning progressions for K-2 geometry support the development of fraction knowledge in 3-5; explore fraction equivalence, comparing and ordering fractions using models and manipulatives.

15 Renewal Units

Enrollment Opens – December 17, 2018