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Montana Deaf-Blind Project: Translating the Information Learned in Discovery into Characteristics of a Well-matched Work Experience

The purpose of this series of webinars has been to provide teams supporting students with deaf-blindness and a significant impact of disability the tools to: explore community employment as a post-school outcome for all of their students; begin identifying students’ interests, skills, abilities, and support needs; and identify tasks the students could offer in employment. The end goal of the webinar series in year one is for teams to use the information to create an individualized work experience for a student with whom they are currently working. During webinar one, we introduced the concept of Customized Employment as a strategy to access employment for people who have traditionally been excluded from competitive integrated employment due to the significance of disability. Webinar two introduced the process of Discovery as a strategy to identify a student’s interests, strengths and skills, ideal conditions for support, and tasks they might perform in work experience. The final webinar in this series will talk about how to translate what you have observed and learned during the work experience (or other Discovery activities) into a plan for additional work experiences and/or a blueprint for the student’s well-matched job. This webinar series has been a joint project between the California, Idaho and Montana State Deaf-Blind Projects.

How to Enroll: Visit the Montana Deaf-Blind Project webinar registration website