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Montana DRIVE Advanced Driving – One-day Summer Workshops

Montana DRIVE One-Day Summer Workshops – Lewistown, Montana
June 3 through August 8, 2019 (see workshop calendar for available dates) – 12 drivers per day

Celebrating 40 years on track in Lewistown, Montana!

State employees are encouraged to improve their driving skills, reduce driving risks, and become a more confident driver at a Montana DRIVE one-day summer workshop in Lewistown. All drivers are welcome and training costs less than a crunched bumper! Since 1979, the Office of Public Instruction has trained more than 14,000 drivers to safely practice skid control, off-road recovery, evasive maneuvers, and cornering and steering effectively.
For drivers over 55, the completion of this workshop can lower auto insurance premiums. Check with your insurance agent to learn more.
Space is limited and workshops fill up quickly. $10 discount per driver when registered by March 5.

TO REGISTER: State agencies that plan to send more than one driver to Montana DRIVE are asked to designate one billing contact to coordinate registration and payment. The online registration form now allows registering multiple drivers on different workshop days. Visit Montana DRIVE for workshop details and to check workshop availability.

All workshop participants must pre-register and invoices must be paid within 30 days. The cost for a one-day adult workshop is $330.

Register by March 5th and workshops cost $320. Submit your registration online, receive an invoice, and pay within 30 days to confirm registration. State agencies are encouraged to pay via InterUnit Journal. Individual registrations can be paid via pro card or IUJ.

Montana DRIVE summer workshops include two hours of classroom instruction and six hours driving vehicles on a safe, closed track adjacent to the Lewistown Airport. The one-day workshop is limited to 12 drivers per day. Watch our YouTube video for an introduction to some of the driving exercises featured in the workshop.