Due to COVID-19, professional learning opportunities may be cancelled. OPI staff will make every attempt to keep the OPI Learning Opportunities current and accurate. Please see https://covid19.mt.gov/ for additional details impacting events.

Rural School Leadership: The Supervising Teacher (Self-Paced, Online Moodle Course)

Open now and complete by April 15, 2020

The self-paced online course provides a foundation for supervising teachers in rural Montana Schools. This course may also be useful to principals in rural districts that do not hire a superintendent and for newly elected or contract county superintendents. By exploring topics often associated with the principalship or superintendency of a school district, new and experienced rural school administrators will become familiar with topics and resources specific to Montana. The overarching goal of this course is to provide rural school administrators with a toolkit for success in their unique educational community. Often this will require changes at the district level which the rural school administrator must facilitate. By the end of the course, the course participant will have developed a Supervising Teacher Procedure Manual that can be handed off to future supervising teachers in the district.

This is a self-paced course. As such, course participants must be comfortable working independently and self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame. Participants may register for the course and start as soon as payment is received. No new registrations will be accepted after January 15, 2020. Participants must complete the course by April 15, 2020.

Upon receipt of course payment by WMPLC, the instructor will enter the student into the course Moodle and send an introductory email, at which time the participant may begin the class. The instructor will then collect the UM credit paperwork and payment, which will be sent to the University of Montana on April 15, 2020, along with final grades. (Credits are pending.)

Instructor: Erin Lipkind erinlipkind@gmail.com

Registration fee: $750

Credit: 75 OPI Renewal Units or 5 Semester Credits pending** (semester credit is offered through the University of Montana and is an additional fee of $155. The course instructor will provide a separate registration form).

How to Enroll: Visit the Rural School Leadership: The Supervising Teacher registration form

Montana Association of School Superintendents (MASS) Fall Conference

MASS Fall Conference held jointly with MCASE and open to all administrators.

How to Enroll: Visit the School Administrators of MT MASS Conference website

Montana Council of Administrators of Special Education (MCASE) Fall Conference

The MCASE Fall Conference is held jointly with MASS and is open to all administrators.

How to Enroll: Visit the School Administrators of Montana MCASE Conference website

Love and Logic Workshop in Missoula

Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom Workshop is hosted by the Western Montana Professional Learning Collaborative and presented by Pete Bruno, LCPC & President, of the Family Life Institute in Boise, ID. Useful for teachers, paraprofessionals, volunteer-leader, and administrators, this workshop is designed for teachers by school teachers and a school psychologist. The authors of Teaching with Love & Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom based this workshop on 37 years of classroom and administrator experience in public schools. By the end of the two-day class, participants will be encouraged to experiment with the “9 Essential Skills” (choosing from 34 variations), will know the “9 Skills” and take home at least one appropriate experiment-plan to use for each of them: (1) Neutralizing student arguing, (2) Delaying consequences, (3) Empathy, (4) Recovery, (5) Developing positive relationships, (6) Limit setting via enforceable statements, (7) Choices that prevent power struggles, (8) Preventative interventions, and (9) Guiding students to solve their own problems. Teachers taking this class for college credit and hours will have time to write a multi-part essay covering each module, and write a concrete example of how they might use the described skill in their school situation (administrator, teacher, paraprofessional, or volunteer-leader). The cost is $175 per person for the two-day workshop and includes workshop materials. 14 OPI renewal units will be provided to attendees. Register here to attend the workshop. To obtain more information, contact Daisy Carlsmith at director@wmplc.org.



PBS EdCamp Billings

MontanaPBS will host PBS Edcamp Billings, MT, a participant-driven professional development event for PK-3 educators. Participating educators will have the opportunity to collaborate around common goals and challenges through topics they select on the day of the event. Edcamp participants will walk away with resources and ideas they can immediately integrate into their classrooms. PBS Edcamp Billings will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at the Lincoln Center from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. This is a free event, open to all Pre-kindergarten through grade 3 teachers, administrators and pre-service teachers. OPI Renewal units will be available to all who attend!
What is Edcamp?
Edcamp is an unconference; a participant-driven professional development event for educators.
Unlike a typical conference, Edcamp educators decide the session topics on the day of the event.