Due to COVID-19, professional learning opportunities may be cancelled. OPI staff will make every attempt to keep the OPI Learning Opportunities current and accurate. Please see https://covid19.mt.gov/ for additional details impacting events.

ENROLLMENT OPENS Mar. 15, 2020 – STREAM: Geometric Thinking 4-7 (Apr. 5-25, 2020)

This 3-week module examines learning progressions in geometry with a focus on foundational ideas that promote geometric understanding. Participants will:
recognize geometric shapes and their components (e.g., sides, angles, faces);
learn properties of geometric figures and categorization based on those properties; develop strategies for composing and decomposing geometric shapes; engage in spatial relations and spatial structuring.

15 Renewal Units

Enrollment opens – March 15, 2020

Visit STREAM: Geometric Thinking (4-7) on the Teacher Learning Hub to Enroll

ENROLLMENT OPENS Feb. 9, 2020 – STREAM: Describing Data 4-7 (Mar. 1-21, 2020)

This 3-week module explores how data and statistics concepts are developed in grades 4 through 7. Participants will: gain familiarity with the data and statistics standards and learning progressions; identify statistical vs. non-statistical questions and scenarios; learn how to select appropriate representations for data and appropriate statistical measure to describe a data set; practice data analysis and statistical summary on a real data set drawn from an elementary school setting.

15 Renewal Units

Open enrollment – February 9, 2020

Visit STREAM: Describing Data (4-7) on the Teacher Learning Hub to enroll