Montana ASPIRE in Math

The mission of this professional learning plan is to provide long term support to schools and districts in creating self-sustaining local learning communities whose vision is to implement the MCCSM. It is anticipated that the schools/districts will commit the necessary time for participants to engage in consistent collaborative work designed to implement the intended curriculum, instructional practice, and assessment tailored to the goals of the district/school. Schools/districts will do this work in teams that include teachers, math leaders, and administrators. The program includes 15-20 sessions and support throughout the year with a MT ASPIRE coach. Session Objectives:
  • Clarify what mathematical proficiency means for students, teachers, and administrators
  • Build a community of learners that will collaborate with the intent of making sure all students are mathematically proficient and career and college ready
  • Develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of focus, coherence, and rigor found in the MCCSM practices, content, and progressions
  • Engage everyone in analyzing where they are, identifying the priorities, setting goals, and establishing a plan
  • Focus on teacher understanding and construction of knowledge packages (concepts, skills, representations, strategies, language, pedagogy and assessments) based on the critical areas and learning progressions of the standards
  • Design the cyclical process that ensures a sustainable mathematics learning community

Event Details

Target Group K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 12
Delivery Method In-Person
Available PL Durations(s) Longer than 15 days; the district/school will determine the schedule that works for ongoing sessions during school days (e.g. early release, PIR days, plus scheduled PL days)
Renewal Units/Credit Renewal units available

Prices may vary depending on the number of teachers and distance coaches travel. $19,500 plus travel and per diem/ASPIRE Coach (includes an on-site MT ASPIRE Coach for training and implementation of the four modules and year-long online support)

Contact Information

Lisa Scott