N2X STEM Applications

What are all of the ways that STEM is applied in a student’s world? Here our interactive audio host, Dave Gamon, covers the many areas that STEM can interact in a student’s world including the “M” in STEM, applications in the STEM and non STEM classroom, how to work with Higher Education and Industry, both to inspire students in elementary and secondary classrooms as well as to promote a pathway for students to follow in pursuit of career goals. He also addresses STEM in remote learning situations and how to continue to engage students who are not in a traditional classroom. Finally, how to build your own STEM program by working with leadership in your district, school, etc. to develop vision, opportunities and pathways for your students and families. An exciting offer is being provided to Montana teachers to attend this module for free. When you go to the website to register [n2x.co] it will indicate that the cost is $50.00; however, when you register for this module specifically and choose your state as Montana from the dropdown list, it will come up as free. OPI Renewal Unit Provider Register Here: https://n2x.co/

Event Details

Target Group K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 12
Delivery Method Online
Renewal Units/Credit 5
Cost Free*

Contact Information

N2X – Jen Gamon, jgamon@n2x.org