Art and Literature IEFA Integration (for use in grades K-5)

This course introduces quality American Indian themed literature for the K-5 classroom, and seeks to provide meaningful art activities to create connections to each text. In this two-credit course, you will: 1. Read a number of American Indian-themed picture books suitable for use in the early education classroom. 2. Explore ways to give students concrete experiences to help them relate the text to real life, build vocabulary, and develop a respect for differences. 3. Learn or review the Seven Essential Understandings Regarding American Indians and the Montana Common Core Standards. 4. Complete a number of art activities connected to the books in this course and review/revise them for your classroom 5. Create your own social studies/literature lesson and art activity connected to an additional IEFA themed picture book of your choosing 6. Those seeking graduate credit will create two lesson plans, or incorporate one additional book into their lesson plan for the final grade. This is a self-paced course, but do not expect to complete it in one sitting! Course participants must be comfortable working independently and be self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame. How to Register: Visit the Western Montana Professional Learning Collaborative website

Event Details

Target Group K - 2, 3 - 5
Delivery Method Online
Available PL Durations(s) 30 hours
Renewal Units/Credit 30 renewal units or 2 university semester credits


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Western Montana Professional Learning Collaborative,