OPI Teacher Learning Hub 2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Science Fair 101: Using Science Fair Projects in your Classroom

This course is meant to be an introduction in using Science Fair project-based learning to meet cross-curricular science fair standards. This course offers practical advice and resources for both the experienced and new teacher.

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Teaching Climate Change Essentials

The Teaching Climate Change Essentials professional development moves teachers through a scaffolded exploration of climate change and global warming. By the end of this course, teachers will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of climate science literacy;
  • Analyze how climate change human impacts the planet and people, especially people in marginalized communities;
  • Design entry points to include these fundamentals in a variety of existing K-12 curricula;
  • Discover and adapt curricula and resources for use in classrooms; and
  • Compare and contrast climate change solutions that teachers and students might participate in personally, locally and globally.

Participation in the Teaching Climate Change Essentials course gives K-12 educators the competencies and confidence to teach climate change within their own local context as well as recognition through teacher professional development hours, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Graduate Credit.

How to Register: Visit the Teaching Climate Change Essentials website

N2X STEM Series Interactive Podcasts

Do you as an educator find yourself needing a convenient and meaningful way to complete renewal units to update your teaching certificate? Through our downloadable interactive audio you can listen anywhere, at any time to the content and conversations within STEM education. We offer 4 modules, each worth 5 renewal units – “Empathy and Equity in Education”, “Project-Based Learning”, “STEM Applications”, and “STEM Pathways”. This technology was developed to fit into the margins of your busy life. Listen while you drive, take a walk, or work around your house. The interactive features will ask questions, record your reflections on our servers for verification of completion, and link you to additional resources. When you have completed your desired renewal units, we verify your completion and issue you a Montana renewal unit certificate. It’s that easy!

Visit the N2X website for more information.

Plants in Montana Native Cultures

This self-paced online course is worth 3 credits or 45 OPI Units. Most required materials will be provided in the course Moodle, though participants may need to seek additional resources at school or public libraries online as part of the course requirements. Previous knowledge of IEFA and the Essential Understandings is helpful but not necessary for participants to successfully complete the course.

Participants will:
1. Develop personal background knowledge of Indian Education for All (IEFA) by diving deeply into the Essential Understandings of Montana Indians.
2. Learn about native plants and their historical (and current) significance to local Montana tribes.
3. Design comprehensive lesson plans and instructional activities that integrate the materials and concepts covered as well as self- selected supplemental materials.
4. Work to integrate IEFA with NextGen science standards.
5. Complete a final project which integrates the materials and concepts covered.

How to Register: Visit the WMPLC website

Montana’s Science Standards 501: IEFA and Equity

This course tackles the why and how of culturally responsive integration of Indian Education for All (IEFA) into science instruction while making it equitable and meaningful. Participants will integrate IEFA using their own background knowledge, review the levels of depth for implementation, look at the necessity of equity in the design process, learn about planning and building units, and work through an exemplary unit.

How to enroll: visit the course on the Teacher Learning Hub

Advancement Courses: 100% Online Professional Development

Advancement Courses is a Montana OPI-preapproved provider offering 100% online professional development courses for K–12 educators. All courses are available for graduate credit or OPI renewal units for your license renewal and salary advancement needs. We offer 280+ courses in 20 different subject areas on foundational topics and emerging trends in education such as:

  • Online, blended, and flipped learning
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • SEL, student anxiety, and trauma
  • Core and specialized content areas
  • Special needs and ESL/ELL
  • Classroom management and instruction

…and many more. All courses are online, self-paced, and allow up to six months to complete. If you’re interested in earning graduate credit, you can choose to receive your transcript from multiple CAEP and regionally accredited university partners such as Southern New Hampshire University and Concordia University St. Paul.

Visit Advancement Courses for a complete list of courses.

Online Professional Development from Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute offers a variety of online courses available for Montana teachers. Course topics include:

  • Google Classroom
  • Student Engagement
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Classroom management

Visit the institute’s website for the complete list of available courses.

Code Girls United Instructor/Teacher Training

The Code Girls United program training includes Computer Science education and Business education geared towards conducting the Code Girls United after school program for 4th through 8th grade girls. The curriculum includes the CGU Guidebook and videos that include all of the apps created along with the Computer Science concepts taught with each app, and the Business fundamentals that are also incorporated for the girls to form their teams/companies, create their Business plan, their design process, their end product (app), and pitch presentations.

Training is conducted by Marianne Smith and Elizabeth Bernau. Marianne Smith is a technology professional with over 30 years of technical and business experience, and an adjunct Computer Science instructor at FVCC. Elizabeth Bernau was the first technology teacher at Russell Elementary in Kalispell. She has an M.S. in technology education and extensive educational experience.

Visit the program’s website for more information.

Creating a Dynamic Classroom Through Project-Based Learning (K-5) online course

Does the phrase project-based learning seem entirely foreign to you? Perhaps you’ve heard about it but it seems much too complicated to incorporate into your current teaching practices? The good news is that it doesn’t need to be. Also known as PBL, project-based learning is a great way to engage students so that they are challenged to use their higher-order 21st century skills as they collaborate to learn content in a fun and exciting way. This online course is designed for K-5 teachers who are looking to explore how PBL can fit into their current curriculum. In doing so, students become immersed in the guided inquiry process. As they work through a variety of projects, they become critical and creative thinkers and communicators who are able to work collaboratively while embracing what has become known as Gold Standard PBL. This course begins by discussing the role that PBL plays in 21st century learning. As teachers progress through the course, they will take a deep dive into each of PBL’s essential components. Teachers will learn how to effectively implement each of the components throughout several content areas, including reading, math, science, engineering, and social studies. Teachers will learn strategies for establishing a PBL mindset in their classrooms and they will learn how to “marry” some “out of the box” strategies within the PBL framework. By the end of this course, teachers will feel more confident and successful in their quest to implement project-based learning into their own teaching practices. This course is worth 3 ⅓ semester units/5 quarter units from UC San Diego Extension.

Visit the Professional Development Institute website to enroll.