OPI Teacher Learning Hub 2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Indian Ed & Math Seamless Integration

This course is designed to help teachers of mathematics more easily find connections between Indigenous cultures and lifestyle and mathematical practices.  It also provides a planning tool that can be used to strategically align Indian Education for All and curriculum planning.

Created by the Zach Hawkins, Director of Indian Education for All, and Marisa Graybill, OPI Math Instructional Coordinator

How to Enroll: Visit the Indian Ed & Math Seamless Integration course on the Teacher Learning Hub

Quantile Certification Course for Mathematics

The Quantile Certification Course, hosted by MetaMetrics, Inc. is a self-paced, multi-module professional development course on the Quantile Framework for Mathematics and its uses in the classroom. This professional development course provides in-depth information about the Quantile Framework for Mathematics and how educators can leverage the Quantile Framework for Mathematics to make data-driven decisions to guide instruction. Throughout the course, educators will progress from foundational knowledge to become subject matter experts in the Quantile Framework for Mathematics and its supporting tools on the Lexile® & Quantile® Hub (hub.lexile.com).

Visit the Lexile website for more information.

Multiplication Strategies: Multi-Digit Numbers

This course will provide educators with strategies for teaching multi-digit multiplication based on place value and properties. Teaching multiplication in a way that connects with the learning progressions and Montana content standards is essential. Participants will have multiple opportunities to learn, practice, and analyze the strategies for efficiency.

How to enroll: visit the course in the Mathematics section on the Teacher Learning Hub.

N2X STEM Series Interactive Podcasts

Do you as an educator find yourself needing a convenient and meaningful way to complete renewal units to update your teaching certificate? Through our downloadable interactive audio you can listen anywhere, at any time to the content and conversations within STEM education. We offer 4 modules, each worth 5 renewal units – “Empathy and Equity in Education”, “Project-Based Learning”, “STEM Applications”, and “STEM Pathways”. This technology was developed to fit into the margins of your busy life. Listen while you drive, take a walk, or work around your house. The interactive features will ask questions, record your reflections on our servers for verification of completion, and link you to additional resources. When you have completed your desired renewal units, we verify your completion and issue you a Montana renewal unit certificate. It’s that easy!

Visit the N2X website for more information.

PD Courses from Renew a Teaching License by Professional Learning Board

Renew a Teaching Licensure by the Professional Learning Board has 100% online professional development courses for Montana educators.

Options include:

  • MT Relicensure Course Package (60 hours): Includes 12 Self-Study courses (5 hours each) for a total of 60 Renewal Units to help teachers in Montana renew a teaching license. Learn instructional strategies to implement in a face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual classroom. Topics include: Classroom collaboration, curriculum development, formative assessment, inquiry-based learning, language acquisition, mathematics for all teachers, project management for students through project-based learning, reading across the curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, rubrics in teaching and learning, student-centered learning, and transformative classroom management.
  • Individual Courses (5 hours each): 100% online and 5 Renewal Unit hours each. Start ANY time and no textbook is needed. Includes all content and access for 5 years. Get courses on technology, instructional strategies, special needs learners, and more!
  • College Credit (15-20 hours): 100% online and semester college credits. $195 total cost. Start ANY time and no textbook is needed. Get an official transcript from a regionally accredited university. Explore courses on technology, instructional strategies, special needs learners, and more!

Advancement Courses: 100% Online Professional Development

Advancement Courses is a Montana OPI-preapproved provider offering 100% online professional development courses for K–12 educators. All courses are available for graduate credit or OPI renewal units for your license renewal and salary advancement needs. We offer 280+ courses in 20 different subject areas on foundational topics and emerging trends in education such as:

  • Online, blended, and flipped learning
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • SEL, student anxiety, and trauma
  • Core and specialized content areas
  • Special needs and ESL/ELL
  • Classroom management and instruction

…and many more. All courses are online, self-paced, and allow up to six months to complete. If you’re interested in earning graduate credit, you can choose to receive your transcript from multiple CAEP and regionally accredited university partners such as Southern New Hampshire University and Concordia University St. Paul.

Visit Advancement Courses for a complete list of courses.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Professional Education Courses

Online professional learning for K-12 teachers, school leaders, district administrators, and other education professionals. Programs include:

  • Ensuring Success for All
  • Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning
  • Building Your Entry Plan to Lead for Equity in Education
  • and much more!

Playing with Pythagoras

Investigate how the Pythagorean Theorem provides a vital foundation in 8th grade that progresses into high school geometry. After briefly exploring the history of Pythagoras and his discoveries, we will examine different proofs of the theorem and its converse and discover how right triangles help us understand irrational numbers and distance.

How to enroll: visit Playing with Pythagoras on the Teacher Learning Hub.

Online Professional Development from Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute offers a variety of online courses available for Montana teachers. Course topics include:

  • Google Classroom
  • Student Engagement
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Classroom management

Visit the institute’s website for the complete list of available courses.