OPI Teacher Learning Hub 2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Professional Learning Communities for School Leaders

Interested in implementing PLCs but don’t know where to start? This introductory course provides the information and resources you need to explore and implement PLC’s in your school or district. With approximately 3 hours of learning over three course modules, you’ll be able to build background knowledge and gain the resources you need to get started, in bite-sized chunks. The three modules included are:

1) Why Implement PLCs

2) What is a PLC?

3) How to Implement PLCs This course could be taken on your own to support you with launching and leading professional learning communities, or you may wish to contact us to discuss professional learning support options to accompany this course.

How to register: Visit the registration website

AVID and Code.org Computer Science Professional Development

Bring computer science to your classroom!

Gain new teaching strategies, experience curriculum loved by students, get peer support through a participant-centric approach, and join an active community of computer science educators.

Check out the AVID and Code.org partnership website for regularly scheduled professional development opportunities. Scholarships are available!

Visit AVID and Code.org’s website to learn more

Teaching Climate Change Essentials

The Teaching Climate Change Essentials professional development moves teachers through a scaffolded exploration of climate change and global warming. By the end of this course, teachers will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of climate science literacy;
  • Analyze how climate change human impacts the planet and people, especially people in marginalized communities;
  • Design entry points to include these fundamentals in a variety of existing K-12 curricula;
  • Discover and adapt curricula and resources for use in classrooms; and
  • Compare and contrast climate change solutions that teachers and students might participate in personally, locally and globally.

Participation in the Teaching Climate Change Essentials course gives K-12 educators the competencies and confidence to teach climate change within their own local context as well as recognition through teacher professional development hours, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Graduate Credit.

How to Register: Visit the Teaching Climate Change Essentials website

New Standards for 2021: Overview and Implementation

This course will familiarize Montana educators with the five new or newly revised sets of standards that go into effect on July 1, 2021. You will learn how the standards overlap with one another and easily integrate with the school curricula program already in place!

How to enroll: visit the course on the Teacher Learning Hub

High-Leverage Practices Spotlight

In this course, you will learn about five of the 19 high-leverage practices (HLPs) as defined by TeachingWorks. These are fundamental practices teachers use that are critical to helping students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Visit the course on the Teacher Learning Hub to enroll.

Growth Mindset

In this course, you will learn about the importance of teaching and practicing a growth mindset with all students, K-20. You will also have an opportunity to purposefully think about your own mindsets, the feedback you give to students and walk away with ideas about how to alter your instruction to promote a growth mindset.

How to enroll: visit the course on the Teacher Learning Hub

N2X STEM Series Interactive Podcasts

Do you as an educator find yourself needing a convenient and meaningful way to complete renewal units to update your teaching certificate? Through our downloadable interactive audio you can listen anywhere, at any time to the content and conversations within STEM education. We offer 4 modules, each worth 5 renewal units – “Empathy and Equity in Education”, “Project-Based Learning”, “STEM Applications”, and “STEM Pathways”. This technology was developed to fit into the margins of your busy life. Listen while you drive, take a walk, or work around your house. The interactive features will ask questions, record your reflections on our servers for verification of completion, and link you to additional resources. When you have completed your desired renewal units, we verify your completion and issue you a Montana renewal unit certificate. It’s that easy!

Visit the N2X website for more information.

National Humanities Center Professional Development

About the National Humanities Center:

Since 1978, the National Humanities Center [nationalhumanitiescenter.org] has operated as the world’s only independent non-profit research center in the humanities.   The Education Programs strengthen teaching on the collegiate and pre-collegiate levels. Model programs developed at the Center provide teachers and faculty with new materials and instructional strategies to make then more effective in the classroom and rekindle their enthusiasm for the subjects they teach.

The Humanities in Class Webinar Series [nationalhumanitiescenter.org] addresses classic and contemporary issues in the humanities as a 90-minute discussion between educators and a lead scholar.  Each session includes readings and sources, a powerpoint, and a recording is provided after the live event.

The Humanities in Class Online Course [nationalhumanitiescenter.org] portfolio invites educators to focus more deeply on a compelling topic in the humanities.  Participants in each five-module course actively engage with course materials and colleagues, expand their own knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and develop customized educational resources.

The Humanities in Class Digital Library [education.nationalhumanitiescenter.org], an Open Education Resource (OER)-based repository that collects and combines the best in humanities scholarship and education for use in the K-12 and collegiate classroom.  Scholars share their research, and educators publish instructional resources.   The HICDL connects seamlessly with Google Classroom and most Learning Management Systems.

Humanities in Class Online Courses

The Humanities in Class Online Course portfolio invites educators to focus more deeply on a compelling topic in the humanities. Participants in each five-module course actively engage with course materials and colleagues, expand their own knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and develop customized educational resources. Successful completion earns 35 certified professional development hours.

Visit the National Humanities Center website for more information, or to enroll in the courses.