Montana School Meals Certificate Training Program

Montana Team Nutrition is pleased to offer the Montana School Meals Certificate Program. Participating school nutrition professionals will receive a thorough foundation in school nutrition basics including meal pattern components, weekly dietary specifications, and strategies to achieve compliance with USDA rules through training on school food forecasting and procurement.

Safe and Caring Schools: Role-Play Simulation

Playing the role of an educator, users reflect on the steps they can take to create a safe and caring school, learn how to recognize signs that a student may be in distress, understand potential resources of support, and engage in a caring conversation in a safe practice environment. Users also explore ways to recommend appropriate actions when they hear something of concern.

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Emotional and Mental Wellness: K-8 Simulation

Emotional & Mental Wellness for Educators & Staff K-8 takes a whole child approach to building awareness, knowledge, and skills around emotional and mental wellness, including scenarios where staff learn to identify signs of trauma or distress. Educators and staff have access to customized national, local, and school-specific resources in addition to simulation content.

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OPI Teacher Learning Hub 2022-2023 Course Catalog

View the full OPI Teacher Learning Hub 2022-2023 Catalog by clicking this link.

Linking Systems of Care Trauma-Informed Approaches series

The Linking Systems of Care (LSOC) Montana Trauma-Informed Approaches Curriculum provides in-depth training on policies and practices that programs, agencies, and organizations may employ to be trauma informed. For those who work with traumatized individuals, understanding and employing practices that resist re-traumatization constitutes an essential step toward helping to facilitate growth. Participants will learn about the LSOC Montana Seven Key Principles of Trauma-Informed Care: Safety; Trustworthiness and Transparency; Peer Support; Collaboration and Mutuality; Empowerment, Voice, and Choice; Equity for High-Risk Populations, and Leadership, Administrative Support and Policies, each of which anchor a host of policy and practice recommendations. The 10-hour training may be divided into as many as four segments and delivered over as many as four weeks. The training is facilitated by LSOC Montana Program Coordinator Jess Mayrer and trauma-informed care champions from across the state. For more information:

Please visit the LSOC website for the list of courses.

Advancement Courses: 100% Online Professional Development

Advancement Courses is a Montana OPI-preapproved provider offering 100% online professional development courses for K–12 educators. All courses are available for graduate credit or OPI renewal units for your license renewal and salary advancement needs. We offer 280+ courses in 20 different subject areas on foundational topics and emerging trends in education such as:

  • Online, blended, and flipped learning
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • SEL, student anxiety, and trauma
  • Core and specialized content areas
  • Special needs and ESL/ELL
  • Classroom management and instruction

…and many more. All courses are online, self-paced, and allow up to six months to complete. If you’re interested in earning graduate credit, you can choose to receive your transcript from multiple CAEP and regionally accredited university partners such as Southern New Hampshire University and Concordia University St. Paul.

Visit Advancement Courses for a complete list of courses.

Certified Food Protection Manager Online Training

Montana requires that school food service managers complete a certification process for safe food handling.

A list of approved Certified Food Protection Manager training programs can be found at Montana Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Consumer Safety Division, Certified Food Protection Manager Training

Institute of Child Nutrition Professional Development Opportunities

The Institute of Child Nutrition is offering a series of free, live, virtual instructor-led food safety trainings to provide child nutrition professionals with essential training on food safety topics for employee health, hygiene, and sanitation.

Topics include:

•            Food Allergies for School Nutrition Managers & Staff (4 hours)

•            Food Safety Basics (4 hours)

•            Norovirus for Schools (2 hours)

•            Norovirus for Child Care (2 hours)

•            Food Safety in Child Care (4 hours)

These training sessions are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis with limited slots available. Certificates of participation will be provided.  Please note that these food safety trainings are also available as online courses and are available via ICN’s eLearning portal.

How to Register: Visit the ICN’s eLearning Portal

Local School Wellness Policy

This course will help you create a school wellness policy and assist you in completing the school wellness assessment.

How to Enroll: Visit the Local School Wellness Policy course on the Teacher Learning Hub

Introduction to Dyslexia

This course on the Teacher Learning Hub provides an introduction to dyslexia for educators. Including definitions, myths, and support for students. The course also outlines MCA 20-7-469, the Montana Dyslexia Screening and Intervention Act, and the responsibilities of districts, schools, and the Office of Public Instruction.