Number Systems and Operations

Workshop uses learning progressions to demonstrate how content progresses and unfolds across clusters, domains, and grade levels. Participants will study the development of number concepts through operations, properties, and systems. Workshops blend presentation with collaboration and discovery and engage participants in activities grounded in understanding the structure and application of MCCSM. Content is described for middle (4-8 grades) mathematics.

Session Objectives:

  • Engage in the mathematical content and practices outlined in MCCS in the context of the state’s vision and each district’s unique setting
  • Expand knowledge of essential content based on key learning progressions in middle grade mathematics
  • Examine, model, and create learning environments that foster the MCCS Mathematical Practices
  • Use learning progressions and other available tools to enable implementation of the MCCSM
  • Discover ways to align and integrate existing curriculum with the MCCSM
  • Ultimately prepare for MCCSM-based assessment
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Contact Information

Lisa Scott
Mathematics Educational Consulting, LLC

Event Details
Target Group 3 - 5, 6 - 8
Delivery Method In-Person
Available PL Durations(s) 3 hours (half day)
Renewal Units/Credit Renewal units available

Includes the following: $500 facilitator/presenter fee and facilitator mileage, lodging and state per diem.