N2X STEM Pathways

Through our interactive audio you can listen anywhere, at anytime to the content and conversations within STEM education which include “STEM Education”, “STEM Project Based Learning”, “STEM Applications”, and “STEM Pathways”. This technology was developed to fit into the margins of your busy life. Listen while you drive, talk a walk, or work in your garden. The interactive features will ask questions, record your reflections on our servers for verification of completion, and link you to additional resources. When you have completed your desired clock hours we update your Montana Renewal Units professional development account. Then you are done! All without ever having to attend a weekend conference or Zoom meeting, it really is that easy and will change how you think and interact in your educational practice!
In the N2X STEM Pathways course we explore where STEM can take a student. The sky’s the limit with STEM! Our interactive audio host, Dave Gamon, interviews some rock star women of STEM in diverse fields of practice, covering the many diverse options for STEM careers, how the future of STEM education might look, computer science in the classroom and how to assist students to be successful in STEM.


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Contact Information

N2X – Jen Gamon, jgamon@n2x.org

Event Details
Target Group K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 12
Delivery Method Online
Renewal Units/Credit 5