Come join us as we explore how STEM practices and ideology fit into the K5 classroom. From ELA to history, STEM project-based learning and student inquiry can help students engage and take ownership of their learning. Hear from STEM teachers as well as classroom teachers about the practices and tools they use to engage students and create a classroom culture where all learners are welcomed and met where they are at. How do you assess skills and knowledge level in a STEM classroom? How do you handle the chaos that comes with a project-based learning environment? What tools are out there that offer greater learning opportunities and are worth the investment? What STEM practices can be implemented with no tools? Come listen in on what STEM could look like in the K5 classroom.


OPI Renewal Unit Provider

Register Here: N2X – Consulting, Professional Development, Educational Digital Media

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N2X – Jen Gamon, jgamon@n2x.org

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Target Group Early Childhood, K - 2, 3 - 5
Delivery Method Online
Renewal Units/Credit 5