Google Suite Advanced

This course will dive deeply into Google Drive & Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets and Forms and how they can be integrated into Google Classroom. Learn how to create a paperless classroom, teach beyond your classroom using Hangouts, create a shared calendar for parents and students, create a classroom website, and more!

20 Renewal units

Enrollment opens – August 27, 2108

Google Classroom For The Connected Teacher

Google Classroom serves as a hub for the teacher-student exchange of work. By learning to use this resource, teachers can better manage the many different pieces of work they create and students turn in. This course will focus on the use of Google Classroom to help manage the steady flow of work moving between teacher and student. We will explore the different ways teachers can create a digital environment by using Google Classroom as a hub to connect resources with students. Participants will have an opportunity to explore all aspects of Google Classroom and will also create their own classes, adding many different types of student resources.